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Our Services

East Coast Conferences offers a comprehensive conference management system designed to guide your Conference Committee through the many components of organising a conference.

Comprehensive conference management system

The system is tailored to suit the needs of your individual conference.

Our Services

  • Independent advice
  • Committee management and liaison
  • Overall project management and scheduling
  • Venue liaison & coordination
  • Budgeting & financial management (including GST management)
  • Sponsorship and exhibition sales and financial management
  • Social program coordination (including catering and entertainment)
  • Ground transportation
  • Publications design, printing and distribution
  • Database upgrades and maintenance
  • Delegate registration, accommodation & travel
  • Speakers coordination & assistance
  • Abstract handling and management
  • Program development and coordination
  • Promotion & marketing assistance
  • Comprehensive secretariat services
  • On-site conference management
  • Technical and audiovisual management
  • Pre and post touring, partner programs and technical tours

Management Fees

The first question new clients want to ask, but rarely do, is ‘how much will it cost us?’ Here’s the answer….

East Coast Conferences professional fees are flexible and are designed to meet your needs and budget. Consequently, we do not have set fees but instead cost each event based on the level of services you require.

Generally, most of our conference fee structures are made up of a combination of the following options:

Registration processing fee, which is a per person fee per each registered participant.
Conference Management fee, which is a fixed fee based on the level of services required.
Sponsorship fee, which is usually a percentage of sponsorship and exhibition sales

Please contact us if you would like further information about any of the above services, fee structures, or conference management services in general.

But Above All Else…

We may be a small team but we’re dynamic and super proud of what we do. We thought we’d share with you what our work means to us and why we love it!

It’s the creation of something memorable
It’s about good, strong coffee!
It’s flights, road trips, train travels, ferry rides and even bicycling
It’s expecting the unexpected
It’s learning about people from all walks of life
It’s feet in need of a massage at the end of a long day
It’s not knowing who might call next or which industry they will represent
It’s getting the Spotify playlist just right for the office, time on the road and satchel packing
It’s chatting in a hotel room with a colleague who’s also a friend
It’s seeing ideas come to life

It’s finding a little window to call family and say goodnight to your loved ones
It’s not knowing where in Australia our job may take us to next
It’s thinking ahead
It’s early morning set ups and tucking yourself into bed late at night
It’s a mind that sometimes won’t switch off the night before
It’s sipping on a glass of wine while making up hundreds of satchels
It’s leading, guiding and taking charge
It’s coming up with a solution
It’s about herbal teas, essential oils and deep breathing to keep stress at bay
It’s saying goodbye and letting go

It’s meeting budgets and crunching numbers
It’s the sense of anticipation before the big event
It’s being a multi-tasker and communicating with florists, printers, caterers, venues, bus companies, audio visual experts and many different suppliers
It’s covering some serious miles at a venue as you arrange every setting at every table
It’s about being helpful and organised
It’s raising a glass in recognition of a job well done
It’s those post conference snacks like chips and choccies on the trip home
It’s about the Walrus Nutbush
It’s about finishing the last page and closing a chapter when a conference comes to an end

But Above All Else, It’s About A Workplace And Business That We Love

'Bax Audio Visual have been the preferred Audio Visual supplier to East Coast Conferences for over 10 years and I take every opportunity to recommend them to my clients. I believe it’s their systems, meticulous eye for detail combined with their flexibility a friendly personalised service that is the key to their ongoing success.'

Dale Bax, Bax Audio Visual

'We were very happy with East Coast Conferences. They were efficient, had a great work ethic and provided excellent communication and value for money. The benefit of working with a small company was in dealing with just a few people who were on top of all of the details for our conference.'

Professor Cathie Sherrington, President of the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society and Conference Chair, 6th Biennial Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Conference, Sydney, 2014

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